Jordy Lopez

Fifteen years ago Jordy Lopez discovered, in the heyday of the legendary "It" and "Roxy", the 'house' sound.


After buying his first "It-house" records, Jordy named himself, DJ D-Jor.

His first residencie was at "The Bulldog" at the 'Leidseplein' in Amsterdam. Here he learned the fine art of DJ-ing and transformed into an "All round" DJ.

A mix of Latin-house, Progressive Electro and a dash of Hip-Hop/R&B is the style that he has made his own. With this new style he changed his name into:


                                                              JORDY LOPEZ


Over the past 13 years, he has obviously not been sitting still and has played in many discotheques in Holland:


                  Escape - Escape Deluxe - Panama - Prince H - Amstel Haven - The studios -

   Dj cafe sol - Club Smokey - Mazzo - The Bulldog Amsterdam  - Club More - Marcanti - Wester Unie -            Wester Liefde - Werck - Fred & Douwe - Odeon - Amstel Hotel - Hotel Arena - Club Royalty 

And in Many Countries:

                                The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Dubai, Ukraine,

                                         Senegal, Argentina, Brazil, Russia

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